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Shared Services

As previous Ohio Auditor Dave Yost once said, “If your neighbor has an expensive piece of equipment that they don't use all the time - maybe you can borrow it.” That’s the philosophy behind shared services and Local governments are building partnerships and finding new ways to deliver efficient, cost-effective public services to their communities through collaborative efforts. Ohio Shared Services offers administrative and purchasing options to state agencies and just recently started providing services for local governments. Many more officials are identifying mutual challenges and developing simple agreements to solve these complex problems. 

The Institute for Local Government recommends pooling financial and human resources, time and, capital because it enables local governments to spend the resulting savings on other priorities. This results in lower costs of operations and services, as well as increased quantity and quality. Additionally, sharing services decreases duplication while providing opportunities to enhance and expand programming. 

Since the launch of in FY 2014, more than 160 local governments have registered to share more than 300 pieces of heavy equipment across Ohio. Local governments and state agencies are collaborating to share equipment like bulldozers, dump trucks and excavators for their projects. These collaborations are yielding significant savings for Ohio’s local governments.

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