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Energy Efficiency

Energy can account for as much as 10 percent of a local government’s annual operating budget, and that’s only going to climb with rising energy prices, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Local governments can take action now to save money in the future by implementing practices that improve energy efficiency in facilities and operations.

Effective energy management programs can range from “homegrown programs” to sophisticated consultant supported methods. Many local governments are putting into action easy, low-cost ways of reducing energy usage and expenses, such as “turn off the lights” campaigns within workplaces and automated control systems.

According to the EPA, “the most effective way to reduce energy consumption in local government buildings is to engage in a portfolio-wide, systematic approach for improving energy efficiency in owned and leased building space, and to incorporate energy efficiency into the design of new and renovated buildings.”


Many sophisticated energy management programs can be tailored to achieve cost savings or the broader goal of reducing emissions. 


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