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Centralized Fleet Maintenance

Consolidating vehicle maintenance operations can lead to increased efficiency and cost savings. Local governments often assign responsibility for purchasing and repairing vehicles to individual departments. These entities contract separately for services or use in-house personnel, leading to duplicate staffing, equipment and supplies.

Strategically reviewing capacity and needs can help identify ways to combine operations, which in turn can lead to services provided across multiple departments, as well as divided charges across several divisions. The creation of internal service funds and chargeback policies also can help ensure the fair distribution of costs.

In addition to combining services between departments, local governments should also look for partnerships with other governments, school districts and non-profit agencies. Efficiencies can be achieved across the organizations, not only in labor and parts, but in the facilities themselves as well. The involved parties can create service agreements to negotiate compensation for the services. 

Centralized Fleet Management
Fuel Management & Policies

Shared Services

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